Census 2010 Video Ad Contest

Meet the Video Ad Producers

Campus Video Network, University of Michigan-Dearborn

Entry: "The Informed Student"

Award: Critics' Choice

Entrant: Tom Wille

Credits: Derek Juntunen

Personal website:

Major/Year: School of Arts, Sciences, and Letters: Psychology, Journalism and Screen Studies (Senior)

Organization: A student run organization on the University of Michigan-Dearborn specializing in writing, producing, directing, and editing 100% original films. http://cvn.umd.umich.edu

Technical: Camera - AG-HMC150 AVCCAM (Panasonic);Editing - Final Cut Pro on Apple MacBookPro

Enjoyed: I personally enjoyed the process of making the video. Whenever our organization films, we have a great time just laughing with each other and enjoying each other's company. In this case, we wrote out 8-10 tidbits of information from the census site that we wanted to use and then wrote the jokes off the top of our heads. Some of the stuff that didn't make the video is absolutely hilarious!

Learned: We learned to read the rules before we start shooting. As mentioned before, we had some other great ideas. We even started shooting one of them until another member showed us the guidelines for the competition and pretty much made our idea worthless. So next time, we will read the rules!

College Democrats, University of Michigan

Entry: "The Census on Michigan Time"

Award: 1st Place, Popular Vote

Entrant: Joe Sandman

Credits: Producer (Joe Sandman, Public Policy .12); Technical Editor (Sam Morykwas, LSA .13); Actors (Nina Bhatacharya, Public Policy .12; Brendan Campbell, LSA .12; Charlotte Keeler, LSA .12; Josh LeVasseur, LSA .11; Samuel Marvin, LSA .10; and John Weiss, LSA .12)

Personal website: http://www.umichdems.com

Major/Year: Public Policy, 2012

Organization: College Democrats: We work to educate students about the Democratic Party, candidates and issues. We encourage voter registration, political participation, and activism on campus.

Shannon Kohlitz

Entry: "Census 2010"

Award: 2nd Place, Popular Vote

Entrant: Shannon Kohlitz

Credits: Colin Fulton (main character); Suzi Chou (roommate in kitchen;) Shannon Kohlitz (roommate on couch); Bogdan Yavorenko (friend#1); John MF (friend#2); Rachel McGuffin (friend#3) ;Desmond Davis (friend#4);Miles Bennett (Government fellow); Shannon Kohlitz (camera and editing)

Personal website:

Major/Year: School of Art & Design: Art & Design Major (Junior)

Technical: Edited in Final Cut and After Effects

Enjoyed: I enjoyed the most playing with my favorite program, After Effects.

Hardest: The hardest part was when I dropped the camera (which I rented from Groundworks) halfway through the shoot and broke it and had to switch to a lower resolution camera. I might owe Groundworks $1,000 for breaking their camera.

Edward Tang

Entry: "What's Your Number?"

Award: 3rd Place, Popular Vote

Entrant: Edward Tang

Credits: Producer (Edward Tang); Photography and Post-Production (Jody Liu); Actors (Angelique Johnson, Edward Tang, Jody Liu)

Major/Year: College of Engineering: EECS (Staff)

Technical: Canon 5DmkII with 20mm. Stop motion film stitched together with Windows Movie Maker

North American Student Service Team (NASST)

Entry: "Imagine"

Award: 4th Place, Popular Vote

Entrant: Nicholas Peters

Credits: Producer (Nicholas Peters); Pictures (96 individual photographs of members of NASST)

Personal website:

Major/Year: College of Engineering: Computer Science (Junior)

Organization: North American Student Service Team (NASST). The mission of this group is to organize summer community service trips throughout the United States that benefit both the participants and the organizations with which we collaborate. http://ginsberg.umich.edu/serve/nasst

Technical: Software: Adobe After Effects CS4, Adobe Illustrator CS4, Adobe Photoshop CS4, Adobe Premiere CS4, Autodesk 3ds Max 9, Inkscape, Magic Bullet Suite

Enjoyed: The most enjoyable part of this contest was learning techniques to deal with complex software workflows

Learned: I learned facts about the United States Census, as well as techniques for managing Particle Flow and high-definition video rendering via Autodesk 3ds Max 9.

Hardest: The hardest part of this contest was dealing with length rendering times for 1920 x 1080 px (1080p) video, as well as finding public use music to fit the tone of the advertisement.

Chandler Macocha

Entry: "No Funds, No Fun"

Award: 5th Place, Popular Vote

Entrant: Chandler Macocha

Credits: Courtney Kaita (Cello player);Kenyon Banas and Matt Deighton (basketball players); Charles "CJ" Fisher (student at computer); Chandler Macocha (Producer, voice over, camera, editing)

Personal website: http://www.youtube.com/theone0242

Major/Year: College of Engineering: Mechanical/Biomedical (Sophomore)

Technical: Camera: Samsung HMX-10 HD Software: Corel Ulead Video Studio 11, Adobe After Effects 6.5

Enjoyed: I enjoyed meeting some new people and experiencing what it's like to make a real video in a college setting. Also, seeing all the other creative ideas in this competition!

Learned: I have learned a lot of Census-related information in the course of this competition. I also learned that there are plenty of people out there who want to help with something like this!

Hardest: The hardest part of this competition was forming a suitable shooting schedule for each location and each actor. Also, the wait until voting closes!

Robert Lott

Entry: "If the Process were any easier..."

Award: Honorable Mention

Entrant: Robert Lott

Credits: Producer/Actor (Robert Lott)

Personal website: http://www.youtube.com/a2plusrobert

Major/Year: LSA: Political Science and Philosophy (Junior)

Technical: Filmed using the isight camera on my macbook, and edited in imovie

Enjoyed: I enjoyed the creative process--especially trying to find a proper balance between content and creativity.

Learned: I learned that we as a university, and community, have a lot at stake in the census process. Billions of dollars are to be allocated, and we should be doing all that we can to make sure that as much of those funds ends up in Ann Arbor as possible.

Hardest: The time limit; but as it relates to the content-creativity balance, it was also one of the most enjoyable parts. I wanted a video that said a lot, but was also entertaining.


Entry: "Imagine Counting"

Entrant: WOLV-TV

Credits: Producers (Matthew Dupree, Serge Gregory, and Chelsea Hunerson); Speaker in Diag (Matthew Dupree)

Organization: WOLV-TV is about students teaching students as they work together to produce quality television programming for the community. WOLV-TV has worked in the past filming local lectures, home Michigan Hockey games, guest speakers, Dance Marathon, and the MSA presidential debates. http://wolv.org

Technical: We used a DVX-100 camera, Final Cut Pro, and a Bagen tripod to produce this project.

Enjoyed: The concept development -- it was fun to just sit and come up with ideas.

Learned: Allocate more time for advertisement production!

Hardest: Coming up with a good idea.

Kristopher Ali

Entry: "Ann Arbor Population" & "No Excuses"

Entrant: Kristopher Ali

Credits: Production (Kristopher Ali)

Personal website: http://youtube.com/kristhagreat

Major/Year: LSA: Undecided (Freshman)

Technical: I use Vegas pro. I can whip out informational videos fairly easy in that program and I wasn't using any video footage so it's perfect for all computer generated images. It's easier for me to animate photos with Vegas than Final Cut Pro. I ended up using a song I created earlier this year because of the no copyright material rule.

Enjoyed: Making the video in general was fun. It's a hobby I don't really get to do much of because I'm usually making digital music.

Learned: I didn't know anything about the Census besides that it's used to count people, so I learned lot actually.

Hardest: Picking which information to choose and how to present it.